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While our meetings and most of our walks are open to the public, there are definite benefits to joining the Mushroom Club of Georgia and renewing yearly.

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Club: (noun) an association of people united by a common interest or goal

The Mushroom Club of Georgia is an educational organization. Our purpose is to promote the enjoyment, study, and exchange of information about wild mushrooms. Everyone who has an interest in wild mushrooms is welcome to become a member. To achieve our purpose we sponsor activities that include:


  • Organized walks and forays to find wild mushrooms, led by knowledgeable Club members and/or expert mycologists.
  • Regular programs and classes to teach scientific methods for identifying wild mushrooms.
  • Recipe exchanges and special dinners to experience the culinary delights of cultivated mushrooms.
  • Participation in programs to educate the public about the many aspects of mushrooms.
  • Promote the cultivation of edible mushrooms.


The Mushroom Club of Georgia was organized in response to a growing interest in the unusual pastime of wild mushroom hunting. For many years, botany professor David Porter, Ph.D., (University of Georgia, Athens [now emeritus]) gave presentations throughout the region on the subject of wild mushrooms. As a result of his efforts and enthusiasm, by the late 1990's many people began to show an interest in learning more about this long-neglected kingdom of living things.