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While our meetings and most of our walks are open to the public, there are definite benefits to joining the Mushroom Club of Georgia and renewing yearly.

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Mushrooms - The Perfect Camera Subject

The advent of digital photography has offered most mushroom hunters the opportunity to photograph mushroom species for both aesthetic and documentary purposes.  The stunning photos that scroll on our home page were all taken by MCG members. 


Todd Elliott, leading a photography workshop for the Club
Todd Elliott, leading a photography workshop for the Club

Experts in our group have professional training or experience in photography, or have won awards or published their images.  We have seen spectacular photos by Taylor Lockwood and other national and international experts in mushroom portraiture at our Mushroom Club meetings.  Most of our members, though, are amateur photographers armed with point-and-shoot or SLR cameras, and they, too, have produced amazing and beautiful images.

The Club encourages all of our mushroom photographers – amateur and expert – to bring cameras to the walks and events and to document the species we find and the people who have come along to learn about them.  We hope they’ll share some high-quality images in our Flickr album, which you can access here. The Club encourages photo buffs to meet, walk, snap photos, and share techniques, successes and failures in the pursuit of great mushroom images.


Many a novice mushroom-hunter has grabbed a camera to preserve the sight of a strange new fungus. Fortunately, it's not hard to get a great mushroom photo by using a few simple tips. After all, a mushroom will "pose" (as opposed to, say, a bird or a kitten).